12 Amazing Attractions to See in Armenia

Take a look on a map. Can you point to where Armenia is? Armenia is situated in the northeast of the Armenian Upland, between the Caucasus and Asia Minor, surrounded by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran. It’s known as the world’s first Christian country, dating back to over 1,700 years ago, so it’s not shocking […]

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10 Beautiful Terraced Pools Around the World

Natural terraces called travertines are formed by chemical precipitation from certain types of shallow or surface waters. The loss of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s surface causes a pH change and changes the solution chemistry that creates the precipitation. Waters high in acidity or high in alkaline form the travertines that can form in either […]

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10 Things About Italy that Shock First-time Visitors

Authentic pizza, pasta, cups of espresso, leather bags, historical sites, religious relics, and scoops of gelato often make a tourist’s itinerary when visiting Italy. But don’t you forget about the most important thing that completes the entire country – the locals. Facts about the locals and their culture are usually ignored and leave first-timers waiting […]

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The Breathtaking Lagoons of Ojos del Salado

A natural wonder, the Ojos del Salado that marks the border between Argentina and Chile never fails to grasp its viewer’s attention. Positioned in the Andes mountain range, the Ojos del Salado is the highest active volcano as well as the second highest mountain range in the Western Hemisphere. It is classified as a stratovolcano, […]

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