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Bivacco Gervasutti: A Futuristic Hostel Atop the Alps

Bivacco Gervasutti: A Futuristic Hostel Atop the Alps

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Three thousand kilometers up the east face of the Grandes Jorasses sits a futuristic hostel in the form of a bright red tube waiting to welcome exhausted mountain climbers hankering for a warm night’s rest.

The Bivacco Gervasutti could be the best part of an Alpine climber’s day. It’s a high-tech modular survival unit designed to withstand the harsh environment of the Alpine rockies. It includes a sleeping module with 12 wooden bunk beds, a sanitary module with a biological toilet, and a living module with a kitchenette and a commanding view of the Freboudze glacier. These modules can be detached and rearranged so that the Bivacco can be expanded over time.

This ultramodern fibreglass cabin is also equipped with a weather monitoring device, security cameras, and emergency rescue and logistics HQ communication devices. It is powered by photovoltaic panels that produce 2.5 KwH of solar energy. It’s also fully internet-connected.

Designers at LEAPfactory was commissioned by CAI Torino (the Italian Alpine Club) to create the Bivacco Gervasutti with their company’s dedication to producing eco-friendly modular houses in hostile conditions. The Bivacco was pre-fabricated in their firm in Torino and was transferred via helicopter atop the Italian rockies.

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