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Visit Windswept Slope Point, New Zealand

Visit Windswept Slope Point, New Zealand

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Funny thing about New Zealand: sheep are everywhere.

You find them in the countryside, the mountains, in beaches, and even in city streets. But who’d have known they could be found even in extreme conditions, say, on the edge of an island that’s constantly lashed by violent strong winds from the South Pole. To give us an idea how brutal these winds are, the twisted trees of Slope Point stand to testify. Still, sheep manage to scuttle around.

Slope Point is the southernmost region of New Zealand’s South Island. It is constantly battered by cold, strong southwesterly winds blowing from Antartica, thus it remains uninhabited by humans. It is, however, used for sheep farming. The distorted mini-forest was planted to serve as a shelter for the sheep.

Besides the slanted trees, the only things that can be seen around the area is a small yellow signpost, a solar-powered lighthouse, a few abandoned shacks, and an amazing view of the raging ocean from. There are no roads to Slope Point.

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