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Latvia’s Venta Rapid: The Widest (and Shortest) Rapid in Europe

Latvia’s Venta Rapid: The Widest (and Shortest) Rapid in Europe

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If you happen to be traveling in Latvia’s ancient town of Kuldiga or the capital Riga, why not stop over the locals’ favorite swimming spot? Venta Rapid or Ventas Rumba in Latvian is Europe’s widest rapid that ranges from 249 meters to 270 meters wide. Its height is 1.80 meters to 2.20 meters, but this sometimes changes depending on the water level of the river. The Venta Rapid also features the widest waterfall in Europe.

During hot summer days, the people of Kuldiga head to the rapid to enjoy the flowing water. Moreover, people also catch fresh salmon and sturgeon during spring when they can just watch the fish fly up the ledge. Because of this, the town of Kuldiga is known to be the “place where they catch salmon in the air”. In 1997, it was declared as a natural monument of Latvia.

You can reach Venta Rapid by car which will take about 155 kilometers from Riga. From Riga drive in Ventspils direction until the left turn to Kandava. From there you can follow the signs going to Kuldiga.

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