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Weekly Web Finds: Airport Horror Stories, Sheepcams, The Paris Syndrome and More

Weekly Web Finds: Airport Horror Stories, Sheepcams, The Paris Syndrome and More

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A collection of cool stories from around the globe we dug up while surfing the web this week.

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1. The Paris Syndrome

Did high expectations about Paris brought you down to disappointment right after a trip in the city? Watch Tom Scott’s short video about Paris Syndrome and tell us what you think.

2. Tour de France’s “Sheepcams”

Sheep are fitted with Sony action cameras to record cyclists as they pass by fields. 5 “sheepcams” controlled remotely by a farmer shoot Tour de France’s cyclists as they pass through Harrogate. The videos from these sheepcams are yet to be seen. Sony, we’re all waiting.

3. 13 of the Most Spectacular Astronomy Photographs of 2014

The Northern Lights, Heart Nebula, meteor showers and all those other crazy stuff happening in space were beautifully captured in these shortlisted entries for the The 2014 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

4. The Deli Counter: the Saddest Part of German Cuisine

“Sad”, that’s what the author thought, but the macro shots surely made these deli cuts look tasty. It’s up to each person’s palate, isn’t it?

5. Walking Sleeping Bags

Check out these recommended sleeping bags for sleepwalkers. Freaky but looking comfy.

6. Blue Mister Donut

Mister Donut in Japan wanted to feel cool at the start of the summer season. The solution: Transforming 8 Mister Donut shops from the usual warm yellow and red colors to icy blue.

7. Fireworks Filmed with a Drone

We often watch fireworks looking up and be entertained from all the colorful explosions happening high up in the sky. However, someone got curious and snapped a GoPro onto a drone and let it fly through a  firework show. Awesome.

8. 10 Airport Horror Stories

What would you do if the airport security thought you’re smuggling drugs in your stomach, but you’re just actually having a bad tummy ache and all you want to do is go to the toilet? This tough situation really happened for #1 in these 10 Airport Horror Stories.

9. 20 of the Most Annoying Things People Do On Airplanes

Ahh, the fun people you see during flights.  Have you encountered some of them or are you one of them?

10. 28 Photos That Will Your Heart Rate Increase

Afraid of heights? See this. Sorry. *evil laugh*

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