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15 Ways The Portaledge Is The Best Outdoor Tent Ever

15 Ways The Portaledge Is The Best Outdoor Tent Ever

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Portaledges are hanging tents designed for rock climbers as accommodation for multi-day expeditions. Basically, it’s a tent that hangs from a single attachment point, which you could set-up anywhere, from walls to trees, to very unlikely places. Photos of portaledge camping have been circulating the internet for quite some time now, and we’re pretty much convinced it’s the best kind of tent, not just for climbers, but for everyone.

Here’s why:

1. You could literally camp in the sky.

2. It’s got the best views ever.

3. It turns from a tent …

4. … into a kickass viewing platform.

5. It packs into an impossibly light, tiny thing.

6. You can hang it from a wall …

7. … a cliff

8. … a tree

9. … or just about anywhere.

10. You could use it solo …

11. …with a buddy

12. … or with, like, ten other buddies.

13. Plus, we heard that sex in a portaledge is


14. And you don’t have to own one to use one!

These guys would gladly lend you one.

15. But if you’re planning to get one, you won’t have to go camping to use it.

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