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13 Strange Encounters of the Zoological Kind

13 Strange Encounters of the Zoological Kind

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Bored of the human world? These perky critters will brighten your trip like a brownie on a happy day.

1. These bathing Japanese Snow Monkeys who will show you the meaning of relaxation.

2. These swimming pigs who have their own private luxury island in the Bahamas.

3. These Moroccan goats who do a great job pretending they’re fruit.

4. These bees who just love hugging humans.

5. These adorable rabbits who think they’re show-jumping horses.

6. These ostriches who can give you a joy ride as long as you can stay on their back for two seconds.

7. This humongous croc who’s craving for man flesh, if only she could break into your glass cage.

8. These bunnies who are craving for love, if only you visit them in their small island in Japan.

9. This pig who can give you guided tours along the Belgian countryside.

10. These totally stylish ducks who rock the runway in an Australian farm fashion show.

11. These snails that can give you a world-class facial massage that is absolutely NOT gross.

12. These owls who will do their very best not to tear your guts out as you pet them in a trendy Japanese cafe.

13. These hospitable giraffes in a 5-star African hotel who just want a bite of your lunch.

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