Voted as one of CNN’s Top 50 adventure attractions, the Cage of Death puts you in a clear acrylic cage and dumps it in a pool containing a deadly 2,000-pound saltwater crocodile.

This death-defying attraction is found in the Crocosaurus Cove theme park, in Darwin City, Northern Territory, Australia, a region where many of these “salties” can be found. Unlike shark diving cages, the Cage of Death has no bars but is made of acrylic panels 1.5 inches in width that on some areas contain deep toothmarks made by the hungry crocs.

Thrill-seekers enter the cage by 2’s and are then lowered into the water for a 15-minute immersion with Choppa, the aggressive resident reptile. Choppa thrashes around the cage, divers may fantasize a gruesome death within the jaws of the wild croc.

The Cage of Death costs USD 35 per head. Other Crocosaurus attractions include a “Fishing for Crocs” deck which lets visitors feel small crocodiles using long rods.

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