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Fly If You Dare: Wingsuit Flying

Fly If You Dare: Wingsuit Flying

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The closest humans can get to flying is by dressing up like a flying squirrel.

That is, if you don’t include jetpacks and Iron Man.

Wingsuit flying must be the awesomest sport that exists in the world right now. Wingsuit flyers or “birdmen” jump off steep precipices or moving aircrafts, spread their wings, and soar the open skies like a free avian. The trick is to glide without hitting any hard surfaces, and flyers do this by various postures or arm positions. This is why only skydiving experts are allowed to put on a wingsuit. So if you’re planning to sample this out, try skydiving for 500 times minimum first.

But if you’re planning to dodge the USPA and do some illegitimate squirrel flying, always remember that Patrick de Gayardon, the guy who designed the wingsuit, died during a test flight, along with 72 out of 75 original birdmen who pioneered wingsuit flying.

Good luck to you.

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