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The Annual World Championship Outhouse Races in Virginia City, Nevada

The Annual World Championship Outhouse Races in Virginia City, Nevada

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The use of toilets is just simple – any description isn’t even needed. But in Virginia City, Nevada, they are used in a special yet weird race. Everyone’s excited, especially the families who can’t wait to gear up their toilets and see if everything’s a-ok before this exciting event starts. This is the Annual World Championship Outhouse Races, in other words, this is a toilet race.

But what the race participants use isn’t any other kind of toilet, they are actually outhouses. If you’re not sure what these are, outhouses or also known as earth houses are small structures separate from the main building (house) which covers a pit toilet or a removable container. Water isn’t needed, just good ventilation, a hole and something to sit on of course!

How did this odd race happen? During the fall of 1990, Storey County wanted to ban all outhouses and the residents of Virginia City were against the ordinance. To show their disagreement, they brought all their outhouses to the county offices. From that day on, the odd protest became an annual celebration as a tribute and as some chance for the locals to have some weird fun.

In Virginia City’s outhouse races, you’ll witness the hyped up participants all glammed up with their costumes. Each racer’s outhouse are made-up as well, making the race all pleasing to look at because of the outhouses’ interesting designs.

If you want to take part or witness this race, visit Virginia City’s page for more info.

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