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Go No Breaks Down Mieders Alpine Coaster

Go No Breaks Down Mieders Alpine Coaster

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In general roller-coasters are pretty tame. They may go really fast, have massive drops, and rack up g-forces in crazy loops, but despite all those pluses, they unfortunately also have great safety features. I’m sure you’ve found yourself at the front of the line, thinking “C’mon already” as the operators checked and re-checked all the harnesses and straps. Then when you got strapped in with all the seat-belts, lap and shoulder pads, you probably had about the same ability to move and disrupt the perfectly calibrated roller coaster, as a BDSM slave. Everything is calculated, and there’s nothing you can do to harm yourself, even if you wanted to.

The real feeling of danger comes from placing all the safety mechanism in your own hands. That’s when your spine really starts tingling, and your bladder begins rebelling against society’s norms of acceptable behaviour. This feeling is exactly what the singe-pipe, single-rider roller-coaster of Mieders delivers. Up in the Austrian Alps in the Stubaital Valley, someone decided to build a ridiculously long roller-coaster, and give the rider full control over the breaks. Someone else, equally nihilistic, then decided to not use the breaks at all. The following video is the result.

Oh, and did we mention that all that’s holding the rider in place is a little seat-belt?

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