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This Hotel in Sydney, Australia Won’t Stop You From Tagging That #Selfie

This Hotel in Sydney, Australia Won’t Stop You From Tagging That #Selfie

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Selfie here, selfie there. Are you even sure that your background is selfie and Instagram-worthy? The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia guarantees you that you won’t think twice about taking that shot with its chic design.

The 90-bedroom hotel located in Murray St, Pyrmont is a hip and young property of the 8Hotels chain. It offers eight types of rooms that’ll match your needs and your social media cravings. From the small Shoebox to the luxurious Willamson, the hotel offers complimentary iPads for that non-stop shoot and tag moments. It also has free WiFi so make sure that you are Instagram ready for that instant shoot that’ll be automatically viewed in the hotel’s two live feed screens. Don’t even miss their 1888 Eatery & Bar for #foodporn.

Before the place turned into a hotel that deserves a #nofilter tag, it was used as a carpark, a commercial office space and originally, a woolshed. Looks like the $30 million 12-month renovation to picture-perfection was really worth it.

The 1888 hotel was first known as an Instagram Hotel for its unique promotion of allowing a free night’s stay if you have above 10,000 followers in Instagram; but before you think it’s just a normal hotel with an effective ad strategy, take a look at these photos and you’ll be the judge. Are they “hashtag” fabulous?

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