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Hide and Relax in a Real-Life Trojan Horse in Belgium

Hide and Relax in a Real-Life Trojan Horse in Belgium

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Are you a Trojan War fan? If you are then there’s good news for you. Looks like the great Trojan Horse isn’t a myth at all, but a wooden hotel with Hobbit house-like interiors. Probably now, you are asking where on earth you can find this unusual hotel.

In the small town of Durbuy, Belgium, you will find a unique hotel known as the La Balade des Gnomes Hotel and one of their main attractions is the room inspired by the Trojan Horse. The guests will have to sleep in a giant wooden horse made of mud, wood, and straw that can be wheeled around the hotel’s property.

The interior of this horse room has been inspired by the scenes of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The whole room looks rustic as it is made of natural wood that makes you feel like you’re in a treehouse.

The beds are built into the wooden walls decorated with wagon wheels, wooden hearts, and mossy walls. Tree trunks, branches, and timber poles with vines around them also add to the rustic effect as they are used as support beams. The bathroom isn’t going to fail your time to relax as you soak yourself in a wooden bathtub.

Don’t worry about the cold season as the wooden horse room is covered with cob which is made from hardened straw, lime, and mud. Since cob is considered as an insulator, it can keep the room warm during wintry nights.

A holiday in this Trojan Horse hotel is really worth it. For as low as $150, you can already enjoy the night pretending that you are a Greek soldier. Now scream “Attack!” and charge to Belgium.

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