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Visit Nature’s Sleeping Beauty: The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Visit Nature’s Sleeping Beauty: The Lost Gardens of Heligan

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If you want to know if secret gardens really do exist, look no further for England’s Lost Gardens of Heligan will likely make you lose yourself in its beauty.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall is one of the most popular botanical gardens in the UK. The garden, originally created and owned of the Tremayne family, was once an estate that has a number of farms, quarries, woods, brickworks, a flour mill, a saw mill, a brewery, productive orchards and kitchen gardens. It was the center of the community until the First World War broke out which made the family leave the place which turned into a war department.

After the war subsided, the Tremaynes went back but they had fallen out of love with the place they had once created. They had decided later on to sell the houses as flats; and the buildings from then are separately owned and not open to the public. However, the gardens remained untouched and asleep.

The magic happened when the Tremayne descendant John Willis, who was unhappy with the gardens’ current state, met Tim Smit, John Nelson and Robert Poole. Now, the Lost Gardens is considered to be the largest garden restoration done in Europe.

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And so far the story continues to get better, just the same as how the gardens continue to progress in its restoration. Enjoy nature’s beauty by visiting the Pleasure Grounds, the Productive Gardens, the Jungle and Beyond, and the Lost Valley.

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