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Superkilen, an Urban Design Park in Copenhagen

Superkilen, an Urban Design Park in Copenhagen

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Right smack in the middle of Nørrebro, Copenhagen is an urban park that’s definitely not like your usual neighborhood kind.

Superkilen is a public park that is also a 30,000 square meter (320,000 sq ft) art experiment by Danish art group Superflex, Bjarke Ingels Group, and German landscape architecture firm Topotek1. The park is divided into three areas: the red square, the black market, and the green park. The red square is painted red, pink, and orange and focuses on recreation. The black market contains a tiled fountain, barbecue grills, and chess tables. The green park has hilly grasslands furnished with picnic tables and benches that’s simply fit for getting in touch with nature.

The park was mainly designed to reflect and celebrate the diversity of the community that surrounds it. Nørrebro, a district in the Danish capital, has a population of 71,891 residents who represent over 50 distinct nationalities. As a special added touch, the designers acquired 100 objects from different countries all over the globe and planted them all over the park. These include the swings from Iraq, the benches from Brazil, the fountain from Morocco, and the palm trees from China. There are even manhole covers from Zanzibar and Paris.

Opened only in 2012, the Superkilen provides a vibrant backdrop of Nørrebro’s ethnically diverse community and continues to inspire other cities and districts to a high standard of urban development.

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