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Visit Denmark

Visit Denmark

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When you think “Denmark” do you instantly imagine a land of vikings on bicycles, mermaids with the latest surround-sound speakers, and cyborg goalies sent from the future for the sole purpose of winning Premier League championships? If so, then, oh boy, do you have a strange imagination.

Or maybe you’re not sure what to think; after all, Denmark does tend to keep a low-profile, hiding quietly between Norway and attention-stealing Germany.

Whatever your misconceptions may be, you’re missing out on one of Europe’s most intriguing travel destinations.

Did you know?

  • Nowhere in Denmark is further than 32.3 miles (52km) from the sea.
  • Denmark has a Law on Personal Names. Under this law, parents are limited to a list of about 7,000 names. If one wishes to choose a name not on the list, they must receive the approval of the local church and a government official.
  • One of the most important values in Danish culture is “hygge”, a concept that closely translates to “coziness”. Hygge refers to a feeling of warmth, comradery, and peace – think Christmas or sitting by a camp fire.  Discussing politics…totally not Hygge.
  • Danes aren’t big on small talk. There’s no word for ‘please’ and ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ aren’t used as liberally as in other countries.
  • Jutland is home to the Bog Man (Tollund Man), a 2600-year-old, naturally-mummified corpse that was so well-preserved that he was mistaken for a recent murder victim at the time of discovery.
  • Numerous studies consistently rate Danes as the happiest people on earth. Denmark’s low income inequality and strong social programs are frequently cited as reasons why Danes experience a strong sense of freedom to make life choices and social support.
  • Danishes did NOT originate in Denmark, and are called Viennese bread by the locals

But there’s more to Denmark than just quirky facts and good governance., which is why this month we are featuring Denmark as our Destination to Discover. Every day in January we’ll be featuring new Danish destinations that are sure to amuse and surprise. So make sure to check back daily or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get your daily dose of all things Danish.

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