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Sneak into a Russian MIlitary Rocket Factory

Sneak into a Russian MIlitary Rocket Factory

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You wouldn’t believe it if I tell you, but sneaking into a Russian military plant is as easy as pie.

Take it from the badass 23-year old Lana Sator, who jumped into a hole in the fence of the NPO Energomash, one of Russia’s oldest rocket-engine makers and the world’s top manufacturer of liquid-fuel rockets in Khimki, just outside Moscow. Photography is prohibited in the plant premises, but Lana and her friends snuck unchallenged into a security-deprived military factory.

Absolutely no guards nor employees were encountered by the urban explorers in the five consecutive nights they infiltrated the plant. By tunneling through a series of pipes and gangways, they managed to get into the heart of the military complex, where they saw actual rocket engines in the making.

When Lana posted the photos on her blog, they immediately went viral. The Russian government heard and sent official statements of warning, threatening her that things would get worse if she reveals more about the top-secret plant.  Shortly, Lana was arrested by the Russian military police for a brief period of detainment. But even after this event, she says she will never stop exploring and taking photos. Now that’s the real urbexer spirit!

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