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See How These 5 Wrecked Places Turned Into Art Hubs

See How These 5 Wrecked Places Turned Into Art Hubs

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If something gets old and uninteresting, we’d look and replace it with something new, something better. For places that were abandoned and were rotten away by time, you wouldn’t believe that there are people who’d still take time to recreate them, changing their appearance and purpose into something else. Check out these 5 cities that’ll show us that one man’s trash can be another man’s canvas.

1. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Call it creepy or funny, these faces popping out in dull portions of the city will surely catch each passerby’s attention.

The street art collection called “The Living Wall” shows Nikita Nomerz‘s aim to fill the urban emptiness by spraying his imagination on old buildings, water towers, bridges, logs and other isolated places where he can paint undisturbed.

You can also see other faces in different Russian cities like Krasnoyarsk, Perm, and Irkutsk.

2. Ronse, Belgium

This ex-nursing school is now home of the awesome Batman graffiti with walls covered by some of the comic’s characters, Bane, the Joker, and of course the Dark Knight himself. All made by Pete One.

3. Flintshire, North Wales

This neglected and rusty ship, the Duke of Lancaster, has been staying in Dee estuary, Flintshire since 1979 and now transformed into a floating art gallery by the DuDug team. Urban artists around Europe who have signed-up and already participated hope to cover the ship with their spray-painted images that could go up to 60ft (18m) high and 45ft (14m) wide.

4. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s street art scene isn’t something that can be simply missed. Even this locked-up Nazi/Soviet military base,  Kaserne Krampnitz, has turned into a spooky art gallery with graffiti staying along with the old Soviet artworks, murals, and the popular Nazi Eagle mosaic.

5. Miami, Florida, USA

This decaying Puerto Rican neighborhood Wynwood scraped out its walls and turned into a must-see art district. From abandoned warehouses to restaurants, everything now is just covered with graffiti in various styles, made by famous street artists all over the world.

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