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This Small Sticker Makes You Invisible To Mosquitoes 24/7

This Small Sticker Makes You Invisible To Mosquitoes 24/7

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Camping is fun. But do you know what goes along with camping that isn’t totally fun? Mosquitoes. Those pesky flying insects that do nothing but bite you, suck your blood and leave you scratching your skin or even worse, leave you with a deadly virus. Be invisible and don’t let them even touch you one bit with the Kite Patch.

What is the Kite Patch? This cute square sticker is a mosquito repellent that replaces the usual lotions and sprays that are toxic and, unfortunately, only effective for a few hours. The Kite Patch is designed to protect individuals throughout their normal daily activities within a 24-hour cycle. It’s easy to use; just stick it on your clothing, bags or bikes and you’re good to go.

There’s a breakthrough scientific discovery that proves to block mosquitoes’ ability to detect carbon dioxide, which is their main trail to find their next meal. That technology is now packed in a small, lightweight, durable and effective Kite Patch that’ll be one of your must-haves for every outdoor adventure.

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Want to know more about this small yet powerful patch? Visit Kite Patch’s Indiegogo page.

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