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Shoot a Rocket Launcher in Phnom Penh Shooting Range, Cambodia

Shoot a Rocket Launcher in Phnom Penh Shooting Range, Cambodia

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Between your  trip to the Royal Palace and Angkor Wat, try to take a detour a few kilometers outside Cambodia’s capital to experience something you won’t find anywhere else in the entire planet. If you’re a guy, you’ll totally dig this. If you’re a girl, you might dig this too, if you’re into explosions, gunfire, and destruction. Who’d have known that the only place in the world where you can actually launch a Rocket Propelled Grenade aka. Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher aka. Bazooka is in the Phnom Penh Shooting Range, in quiet little Cambodia.

Officially known as the Thunder Ranch Shooting Range, this unexpected attraction has a wide array of guns to pick from, and it’s obvious just by looking at the collection hanging like art on the lobby’s walls. The shooting range is owned be a unit of the Royal Cambodian Army and manned by ex-military officers whose main job is to keep the giddy excited tourists from getting hurt.  Shooting an automatic like an AK-47 or M-16 costs around $40 per clip, starting around $1-$2 per bullet, while launching a single grenade from the RPG costs an incredible $300. But, as the local officers, the travel bloggers, and the many tuk-tuk drivers say, it’s definitely worth every penny shooting the biggest, most powerful firework known to man.

A bonus feature: though the shooting range doesn’t bring this out official, you can choose to shoot a cow, goat, or chicken for an additional fee. Uhh… we’re good with just the explosions, aren’t we?

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