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The Famous Seljalandfoss of Iceland

The Famous Seljalandfoss of Iceland

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You’ve probably seen a picture of the Seljalandfoss before somewhere, like in a book or a calendar, or perhaps in Pinterest. This world-famous waterfall is the only one of its kind that lets you walk around it. It’s 60 meters high, dropping to a pool below that’s circled by a foot trail, which allows tourists to view the world from behind its thin cascading waters.

Located 30 kilometers west from Skógar, the Seljalandfoss can be reached via the Ring Road, nearby which you can also find other must-see natural wonders, such as glaciers, black sand beaches, and other waterfalls as well as landscapes with dramatic views of the Northern Lights. Access to the waterfall is from the small town of Selfoss along the main highway.
Post sources: Official Site | South Iceland Tourism Site
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