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One Of The World’s Smallest Countries Almost Looks Like Heaven

One Of The World’s Smallest Countries Almost Looks Like Heaven

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‘Heaven on Earth’ is a term many travelers use to describe a place they love. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch the clouds or walk amongst them? You might be thinking that it could only be possible in fairy tales, but a place like this truly exists. If you ever have a great desire to really walk or touch the clouds, you might as well consider paying a visit to San Marino.

San Marino, which is officially the Republic of San Marino, is an enclave in Italy stretched across for 61km2. As claimed by the country, San Marino is supposed to be the oldest surviving sovereign state and a constitutional republic in the entire world. The estimated population of the country comes up to about 30,000, the smallest population in comparison to the other members of the Council of Europe. San Marino is one of the world’s wealthiest countries in terms of GDP, with a highly stable economy.

It is a wonder how the smallest of things around us can give us the best. This small country is a place that truly is heavenly. The topography of San Marino is dominated by the Apennine Mountain Range, giving it a rugged terrain. It might come as a surprise for you that this country has no natural level ground. On the contrary, it is entirely composed of hilly terrain. This hilly country is so high that it actually pokes out of the cloudy layer. The old stone paths on its three fortresses often are hidden in the clouds, so much that you may hardly realize what lies ahead after next three steps.

The highest parts of the country are the three peaks, which situates the three towers of the country: Gauita, Cesta and Montale. The three are called Tower 1, Tower 2 and Tower 3 respectively. Tower 1 is the oldest of the three, built way back in the 11th century. Tower 2 is situated on the highest peak of the country while Tower 3 is the shortest and the least old of the three. The last tower does not have any entrance to it, making it impossible to get inside.

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Lastly, watching the sunset would probably the best and the most wonderful experience you could expect to have in San Marino. Another and obviously wonderful experience would be walking through the winding paths and streets of San Marino, which is like walking around and climbing mountains in the clouds. So if you are looking for quite a cloudy holiday, San Marino should probably be your first choice destination.

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