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Matt Harding: The Man Who Danced with the World

Matt Harding: The Man Who Danced with the World

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Can you make the whole world dance in one video? The idea seems impossible but Matt Harding, a former games designer now a traveler and YouTube sensation, made it look as easy as taking a selfie.

Matt started as a games designer and later, at the age of 23, moved to Brisbane, Australia where he thought traveling could be a good idea. He then quit his job, went to Southeast Asia and made a blog just to let his family and friends know where he was.

The dancing idea just came in when his friend wanted to record his “stupid dance” and they did this in every place they’ve visited.  He just posted his videos in his personal blog and some kid copied it to YouTube. The video gained views and sponsors came in to find Matt a.k.a. the  dancing dude.

He made viral dance videos like Where The Hell Is Matt? 2006 and Where The Hell Is Matt? 2008which were both sponsored by Stride Gum. Fast forward to 2012, he made his own project go viral with Where the Hell Is Matt? 2012. The latest video got more dance moves, more dancers and more locations; moreover, he showed that he can dance what the locals dance.

Where the hell is Matt now? We’re not sure yet but we’ll see.

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