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The “Living” Sand Dunes of Worimi National Park

The “Living” Sand Dunes of Worimi National Park

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Located near Newcastle, New South Wales, the Worimi National Park is a majestic landscape, home to an incredible number of historical cultural sites and natural wonders. Among the aboriginal and historical sites, you will find the Stockton dunes – the largest sand dunes in the southern hemisphere

New South Wales’ Fun-filled Desert

The 32-kilometer Stockton Beach where these dunes are found happens to be the longest beach in Newcastle. Over the years, Stockton Beach has been the site of numerous shipwrecks and aircraft crash sites. At one point, shipwrecks were so common that two tin sheds were constructed to hold supplies for shipwrecked sailors. During the Great Depression, a number of squatters added more tin shacks, leading to the formation of “Tin City”, which today stands as a collection of 11 shacks. Tin City and the Stockton sand dunes were used in several scenes in the 1979 Hollywood blockbuster, Mad Max.

Living and Alive

Both local and international guests will never go tired revisiting the sand dunes. They are dynamic and forever changing, depending heavily with the weather. Thus, people have dubbed the Stockton sand dunes in Worimi National Park as “ alive” and “living”. In some areas the sand dunes are as much as 1 km (0.6 mi) wide and over 30 metres (98 ft) high. Due to wind, each year the dunes move north by approximately 4 m (13 ft).

Their mobility can be seen on the changes of their shapes, stability, and slope. Since some cultural sites of the abogorinal people of Worimi lie within the sand dunes, changes can also be a threat to these archeological and historical sites.

Enjoying Worimi’s Living Sand Dunes

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With its length, everyone will have his or her own space exploring this famous sand dune system. There are plenty of tour operators that can accommodate visitors who want some guided tours. You can ride a 4WD or a quad bike and those who want some romance or a touch of elegance, rove the dunes on horseback or a camel.

And what is more idyllic than to explore the dunes on foot. Perfect for families, enjoy this wonderful beauty in New South Wales. For some action, sandboarding is another favorite activity in the area. With its breathtaking landscape, the area is a photographer’s favorite for photo opportunities.

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