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Hike and Strike a Pose at the Potato Chip Rock

Hike and Strike a Pose at the Potato Chip Rock

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Get ready for a long hike up Mt. Woodson in San Diego, California and step on its famous rock star, the Potato Chip Rock. The name explains it all – it looks like a potato chip – but it doesn’t mean it’s going to crack at any second or is any way edible. This is your victory mark after hours of sweat and it’s your perfect spot for that new profile picture.

Start the adventure from the Lake Poway Recreation Area. Bathrooms are available in the area plus other facilities so do whatever you needed to do before you start hiking. If you and your hiking boots are ready, walk for 3.8 miles up Mount Woodson Trail from Lake Poway. The challenge begins as you walk up the mountain’s steep fire road and see interesting rock formations till you reach the summit. Get excited as you lose sight of the lake and see a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean to the west; and if you finally see the mountain’s antenna towers, you’ll know that’s where the Potato Chip Rock will meet you.

Go up the rock and take a photo. However, it might take you a few minutes (or more) before you could actually do that for other hikers do the same, so expect long lines.

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If you’re all ready to take the steep trail to see the Potato Chip Rock, be sure to bring lots of water for it’s gonna be a 3-5 hour walk. If you plan to bring kids or dogs, check if they’re fit enough and be extra prepared by bringing more snacks, water, and other essentials. There’s a backside trail if you want an easier way up. If possible, go early in the morning to avoid the killer heat.

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