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The Captivating Wisteria Flower Tunnels of Japan

The Captivating Wisteria Flower Tunnels of Japan

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You’ve seen the Japanese light tunnels at their full glory during the winter months. If you’re visiting Japan in the spring, however, you’d just be in time to experience walking through their magical wisteria flower tunnels.

According to Atlas Obscura, its impossible to walk along the enchanting flower-strewn passageways of Ashikaga Flower Park  without imagining a fairy princess and her unicorn prancing alongside you. Located in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, park is one of the top places in Japan to enjoy the best of the country’s wisteria blooms.

The Japanese love flowers, and wisteria or “fuji” is among their favorites. This means they take a lot of time and effort to cultivate them to their utmost beauty. By creating wisteria tunnels, they allow the woody vines to distribute evenly for sunlight while the flowers hang gracefully cascading in various shades of pastel, a sight that will definitely give you multiple  eye-gasms.

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The tunnels in Ashikaga Flower Park are at full bloom late April to early May. Make sure to visit during this period, otherwise instead of being filled with colorful flowers you might catch the tunnels tangled with dull, lifeless branches.

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