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Watch The Balancing Act Of Brimham Moor’s Idol Rock

Watch The Balancing Act Of Brimham Moor’s Idol Rock

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Located in North Yorkshire, England, Brimham Moor is host to a huge collection of weird and wonderfully misshapen rocks. Some rocks look like dancing bears, eagles, gorillas, lovers, and even Smartie Tubes. But the most impressive of them all is the so-called Idol Rock–a 15-foot high, 200-ton monolith sitting on a small triangular rock. Also called the Druid’s Idol or the Druid’s Writing Desk, folks believe it was created by the Druids to serve a mystical purpose the same way as the Stonehenge.

Brimham Moor itself is considered as one of the strangest places in England, filled with folk stories and reputed to be an ancient place of pagan worship. The Idol Rock is at the heart of the mystery. Some say that if you make a wish and lay a hand upon the Rock, your wish will come true. However in the 20th century, scientific studies found out it was a product of 18,000 of years of erosion and the mystery was finally solved: the Rock was just another clever trick of Mother Nature–and a good one too.

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