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This Beach Covered In Fish Bones Isn’t Quite What It Seems

This Beach Covered In Fish Bones Isn’t Quite What It Seems

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The Salton Sea is an artificial lake in California that’s may surprise tourists with its deceptive looks. For motorists passing by on the highway, it appears like a luxurious sandy beach with deep blue waters. However, upon closer inspection you’ll find out that the sand isn’t sand at all, just pulverized  bones from millions of fish that died there. The waters appear blue because they reflect the sky, but they’re actually brown, murky, and full of floating dead fish. As for the stench, one traveler swears “it’s like a fish market at the end of a long summer day. Only instead of keeping the fish on ice, this fish market keeps them on piles of diarrhea.” Salton Sea is actually a very dead, nightmarish place.

The truth is no one really visits Salton Sea, except for documentary filmmakers and disaster tourists. However back in the day, the infamous lake was once a getaway graced by the likes of Bono and the Beach Boys. Salton Sea is actually an accidental lake created by a spill when an irrigation canal from the Colorado broke during a flood in 1905. But since it has no inlet or outlet, it ended up leeching salt, insecticides, and fertilizer from the surrounding farmlands, until it completely became unfit to sustain life. The lake has become so toxic, experts fear that if it completely dries out it would send a highly toxic cloud of dust towards southern California.

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