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Barocook: A Revolutionary Flameless Cooker

Barocook: A Revolutionary Flameless Cooker

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With the highest recommendations from Smokey the Bear, here’s a brilliant new way to cook outdoors using absolutely no matches. Barocook, a Korean-developed cooking kit, uses a non-toxic, self-heating packet that produces high heat when put in contact with water. All you have to do is put a packet on the container, pour the right amount of water, and you’re ready for cooking. Great for cooking simple meals like instant ramen, pasta, soup, and eggs without striking a match.

What’s inside the packets, you ask? According to the developers, it’s simply a “top secret mix of minerals” — in other words, pure sorcery. Barocook can heat food up to 98 degrees Celcius within 20-30 minutes, and since it doesn’t contain harmful materials, you can use it anywhere, even while on an airplane. On the downside, heat packets are single-use, so there’s the problem of cost and availability if you wish to keep Baro-cooking. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting new technology that deserves a place in your survivalist kit. Plus, Smokey would be so proud.

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