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7 of the Most Beautiful Deserts in China

7 of the Most Beautiful Deserts in China

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Deserts aren’t always dull, hot, and covered only by plain sand. They, just like any land forms of nature, have their own unique features that you’ll fall for once you see the whole scenery in person. China is a great place to see large deserts that tourists go to for their natural beauty and history. Here are the seven deserts in China you should see.

1. Badain Jaran Desert, Inner Mongolia

Badain Jaran Desert is the world’s fourth largest and China’s third largest desert. It is located at the northern part of Alashan Youqi in Inner Mongolia. This is where you can find Bilutu Peak, the world’s tallest stationary sand dune.

2. Takla Makan Desert, Xinjiang

China’s largest desert, Takla Makan, is situated in Tarim Basin in the middle of Kunlun and Tian Shan mountains. It is also known as the world’s largest shifting sand desert where 85% support minimal to zero vegetation.

3. Gurbantunggut Desert, Xinjiang

The Gurbantunggut Desert is the largest fixed and semi-fixed desert in China, characterized by a predominant coverage of lichen-dominated biological soil crusts. It is located in northern Xinjiang, occupying a large part of the Dzungarian Basin.

4. Singing Sand Dunes & Crescent Moon Spring, Gansu

The Crescent Spring is situated at the foot of the Mingsha Mountain and is surrounded by the Singing Sand Dunes. The spring got it’s name because of its moon-like shape. The sand dunes on the other hand, creates a singing sound when people tread or slide on the surface of the sand.

5. Shapotou, Ningxia

The Shapotou Scenic Zone is widely known as the Capital of Sand. It is located on the north bank of the Yellow River where it crosses the southeastern border of the Tengger Dessert in Zhongwei County, Ningxia. This is where you can find the biggest natural sand slide field in China.

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6. Tengger Desert, Inner Mongolia

The fourth largest desert in China, the Tengger Desert is an enormous ocean of sand where you can roam around by riding a camel and see lakes, grassland, oasis, and some villages. If you want more excitement, you can ride a jeep and drive over the shifting sand dunes or visit the Xixia imperial tombs.

7. Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia

The Kubuqi Desert lies at the south of the Yellow River extending about 400 kilometers from east to west. The desert covers an area of 16756 sq. kilometers, making it the seventh largest desert in China. The highlight in this desert is the Resonant Sand Gorge, a crescent-shaped sand slope. Kubuqi desert is also the closest desert from Beijing.

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