Mega Bomba: The Annual Carnival of Explosions in San Juan de la Vega, Mexico

February 28, 2015

Know anyone who’s ever been obsessed with Super Smash Brothers? Buy them a one-way ticket to Mexico ASAP to partake in Mega Bomba — the an annual carnival of explosions held each year in the town of San Juan de la Vega. The celebration is supposed to pay homage to the patron saint San Juan de la Vega – the Robin Hood of the town who in the 17th century would steal from rich Spanish land-owners and distribute to the poor. The exploding hammers are meant to embody the patron saint’s ultimate confrontation with the government, which saw his death. Every year, the carnival participants divide themselves into two groups representing the patron saint’s followers and the oppressor’s army. The two groups converge onto the town’s soccer field and begin exploding mixtures of potassium chlorate and sulphur taped to sledgehammers.

The festivities used to be held in the town square before being moved to the soccer field. To see why this celebration had to be moved just watch the video below….especially at 1:37.