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10 Weird Ways Mother Nature Lets You Know She’s Pissed

10 Weird Ways Mother Nature Lets You Know She’s Pissed

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Mom’s are the best. They cut the edges of our PB&J sandwiches and tuck us in for night-night, even at 32. But even the best moms can be a touch moody sometimes, and our big momma, Mother Nature, is no different. Perhaps the only difference is that unlike your mom, this one wields deadly tornadoes and magma that will rid you of that pesky skin problem in no time. Here’s a look at the 10 weirdest ways Mother Nature lets us know she’s not too pleased.

1. She freezes your pet starfish colony with underwater icicles

2. She engulfs all that you love in a Firenado

3. She uses spider lightning to make you pee your pants on your first date.

4. She covers your town in sand. Like why?

5. She covers your beach with weird sea foam because you didn’t put on a jacket.

6. She orders volcanos to make lightning…because volcano eruptions aren’t scary enough.

7. She makes you think alien invasions are about to go down with her army of UFO clouds.

8. She replaces the place where you buy Skittles with a giant sinkhole!

9. She covers your trees with spiders. Thanks for that. The flood wasn’t enough.

10. She attacks you with lava when you’re just hanging out.

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