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Weekend Web Finds: What Kids Eat for Breakfast, Surreal Towns, and More

Weekend Web Finds: What Kids Eat for Breakfast, Surreal Towns, and More

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Who would’ve thought that nature can be an instant architect in surprising locations, even surpassing those that are 100% man-made? Who would’ve even thought of making a festival that requires you to be hanging in hammocks  on tightropes across the Italian Alps? The world is truly a strange place and it continues to ask us to discover more of this strangeness – whether brought by nature or by man. So let’s start discovering by checking what is this weekend’s web finds:

1. What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast

Cold cereal and bread can be the usual food you’d associate with breakfast. You might think that to start the day, kids should have a bite of something sweet; but that doesn’t apply to the breakfast of the children in other countries. In fact, in many parts of the world, breakfast can be tepid, sour, fermented, and savory. What are these kids eating? Find out here.

2. The International Highline Meeting Festival

Reading the words “highline meeting festival” sounds like a usual conference for like-minded people. Yeah it surely sounds fun and friendly until you realize that “highline” means that the attendees are going to spend their time strung up on tightropes stretched across the Italian Alps in Monte Piana. Breathe deep and see more photos here.

3. Surreal Towns Shaped by Nature

When it comes to art and architecture, you’d expect people to make these. But don’t you know that nature can create these too with unbelievable results? For proof, see these amazing towns  in the world beautifully crafted by nature.

4. For Women On-the-Go: Eco-friendly Ways to Deal with Your Monthly Period

If you’re always traveling, for sure you’ll know that tampons aren’t always available. Sanitary pads are also an option but have you ever wondered how much of these are thrown away in your lifetime? Almost about 150 kg. So if you’re wondering of an affordable, reusable,and an environmentally-friendly way to deal with that period especially during your travels, check out SlowSpirit’s recommended solutions.

5. Alexander Supertramp – Driven By Wanderlust, And Into The Wild

Do you know the story of Alexander Supertramp? He’s that guy who gave up everything and risked  to live away from civilization in the Alaskan woods, until he was found dead in an abandoned bus. An insane act or a random slice of inspiration, it’s no doubt there’s a huge life lesson brought by his daring act. Read the entire article about Alexander Supertramp here.

6. Reasons Why You Should Hike

You can only appreciate the whole landscape once you reach the peak of a mountain. The breathtaking sight isn’t only the reason why you should hike for there are more things that you’ll learn through that tough climb. Read this to know why you should grab those boots and start conquering mountains.

7. How to Travel and Study for Free

If you’re weighing in if you should start working to earn and pursue studying in a university or start your dream travel – maybe you should consider doing both. It isn’t impossible, as long as you’ve got the will and open mind to do so, plus these steps that you can do to start making both travel and study happen. Read more here.

8. 15 Types of Travelers You Will Meet in a Hostel

Staying in hostels is cheaper than staying in hotels and the experience is totally different because of the people you’ll meet (or just see quietly working at the corner). Read this to know who these people are. Maybe you’ve already met some of them!

9. The Oxygen Absorbing Material

Scientists have already found a way to make breathing underwater possible. It surely sounds promising but at the same time fishy. Read this and decide if this is something that you’d wait in the market soon.

10. A Children’s Book Guide to Travel

For the kids and for those adults who still feel like they’re young, stories like Winnie the Pooh, The Secret Garden, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter have surely made a mark in your hearts. Now, it’s even possible to dive in these all-time favorite children’s books and reminisce those unforgettable scenes by traveling to the places included in this handy infographic.

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