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The Kissing Dinosaurs of Erenhot, China

The Kissing Dinosaurs of Erenhot, China

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Entering Mongolia from China could be like a trip to a land before time.

Don’t be surprised when you find two massive dinosaurs—the biggest in the world, in fact—French-kissing from across the two opposite sides of the highway.

These strange stone Branchiosauri can be found in Erenhot (also known as Erlian) in the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia, China. This highway was established as the only trade route between Inner and Outer Mongolia, but it eventually became an internationally renowned archeological site after the 1920’s discovery of dinosaur fossils in the Erlian Basin.

Erenhot was thus named “Dinosaur City”, a place where dinosaurs breathed and walked 70 million years ago. A museum filled with fossils and artifacts was built, as well as the Dinosaur Fairytale theme park, a wide open area dotted by life-sized dinosaur replicas headed by the prehistoric pair at the entrance.

Yet despite these extensive efforts of the Chinese to grow Erenhot as a tourist hotspot, the small town still remains uncrowded and desolate, possibly due to its remote location. So it’s guaranteed that Dinosaur enthusiasts can visit the town in peace.

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