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The Amazing Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand

The Amazing Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand

WOE Media

Upon hearing railways, we normally think tracks and vehicles, but in Thailand it’s a completely different story! Though it’s short, the video clip amazingly brings its message across and shows the wonderful culture and life of those living in Thailand. In the video we can see many people walking on the center pathway, which we find out later is in fact a railway. The public of Thailand seems to be walking down this road and getting into the stalls that are on the side. Stall managers are seen putting down covers in front of the store, which is all such a surprise until you get to the main scene. The weather seems to be wet and rainy, which makes viewers believe the rush and covers are all due to this. However, little did we know what’s coming!

Once the pathway is clear, a train comes on the railway and drives past, which is like wow! The public eagerly watches and some love the view so much they make videos using their mobile devices. However, it is a different story for stall owners who seem to be glad the train has left and immediately pull up the covers. The market seems to be a very busy and casual place for the people of Thailand. Its atmosphere and colors reveal how vibrant the culture is. The people seem to be getting on really well with each other as well as stall owners and the public. However, up on seeing the train, everyone moves to one side and eagerly waits.

The train coming like that is something that is very unlikely to be seen in other cultures. The reason behind this is because trains and railways tend to be situated in certain areas where there is less chance of people going. However, it is totally different in Thailand, which reveals that the population and children are aware of this, hence why they waited and made way for the train. This can be seen as dangerous for the public, shop owners and possibly even the shops. However, if it is something the culture has been practicing for many years, then hats off to them for doing it so well!

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