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The Tallest Waterslide Ever in Fortaleza, Brazil

The Tallest Waterslide Ever in Fortaleza, Brazil

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When you slide down, you basically fly because the fall is too steep so you’re in mid-air for most of it.’

That’s what one rider said when interviewed by Daily Mail after taking the plunge in this insane structure built by man.

Located in a beach park in Fortaleza, Brazil, Insano sends its riders 45 mph all the way down from sky to pool in just five seconds. Officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Insano is the tallest water slide in the world at 41 meters (134 ft)  high–high enough to scare the Speedoes off the bravest of bathers. Anyone suffering even the slightest case of vertigo would feel their hearts race and heads spin even just by looking at these photos:

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