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A Swimming Pool Filled with Diet Cola

A Swimming Pool Filled with Diet Cola

WOE Media

You’ve heard of beer pools and wine pools — what about a cola pool?

American artist Mike Bouchet ventured this idea in 2004 when he filled an abandoned pool in California with 100,000 liters of diet cola. A part of his cola-based art exhibition, the Flat Cola Pool was presented along with the Cola Fountain (like a water fountain, only filled with diet cola), several artworks using diet cola as paint, and a film festival of sorts arranged by the artist himself.

The Flat Cola Pool is by far the world’s largest diet cola volume. Acquiring this much cola was
apparently not a problem for Bouchet, who started making his own cola in 2004. The pool, in line with the exhibition, opened in July 2010, and is most likely expired by today.

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