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Skiing in Australia?! Why Not? The Snowy Mountain Makes It All Possible

Skiing in Australia?! Why Not? The Snowy Mountain Makes It All Possible

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The outback, lush forests, and hip beaches – these are immediate images we create when talking about Australia. But do you know that the country has a thriving skiing industry? In Victoria, Tasmania, and Snowy Mountain, skiing can be a part of your things to do while in Australia.

Among all skiing destinations, Snowy Mountain attracts the most number of visitors, from its high standard of facilities, quality of skiing trails and proximity to Sydney.

The Snowies

Snowy Mountain is fondly called, “ The Snowies”. From its name alone, it is obviously a great mountain for skiing but Snowy Mountain is an all-year-round destination. It is the only place in Australia that has four seasons and the perfect region to experience Australia’s alpine wilderness.

Located southeastern part of New South Wales, it is within the mountain range – Australia’s Diving Range- or the range that borders New South Wales and Victoria. One of its mountains is Mt. Kosciuszko – the highest peak in mainland Australia.

Ski Fun in Snowy Mountains

Skiing in Australia began in Snowy Mountains and it is still the most popular skiing destination in the country. It happened during the gold rush of Kiandra in the 1860s. With gold, miners from other countries flock to try their luck. One of them are Norwegian miners who introduced skiing in Snowy Mountains.

Ski season is from June to October but high volume of visitors come to the region from July to September. Snowy Mountain is a top destination thus, facilities from airports to wide array of accommodations are built.

Ski Resorts in Snowy Mountains

Don’t know where to enjoy the snow in Australia? Then pick any of the four ski resorts in The Snowies – Perisher, Thredbo, Selwyn Snowfields, and Charlotte Pass.

Perisher is the largest ski resort in Snowy Mountains and the rest of the southern hemisphere. The villages of Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes, and Guthega compose the ski village. As the largest, there are plenty of choices of ski facilities.

Thredbo is a lively ski resort with its shops and buzzing nightlife. When completely covered with snow, Thredbo has the longest ski runs as well as having the steepest terrain to the delight of experienced skiers.

The oldest ski resort is Charlotte Pass, named after the first European woman who climbed Mt. Kosciuszko. It is also the highest thus, the coldest reaching -23˚C. Charlotte Pass covers Mount Stillwell Ridge. Guthries Ridge, and Kangaroo Ridge. This ski resort is highly patronized by cross-country skiers.

Lastly, the smallest among all ski resorts, Selwyn Snowfields, tracing its story back to Kiandra – where skiing in Australia was born.  Located in the northern part of Snowy Mountains, Selwyn Snowfields has the lowest altitude among all ski resorts in the region. Thus, snowmaking facilities are heavily utilized especially during early and late snow season. On the other side, this ski resort is the best place for families especially those with children.

With modern equipment and facilities, all ski resorts in Snowy Mountains caters to all levels even the beginners as well as those traveling families. But for those who are adept skiers, cross-country skiing trails include Charlotte Pass to Mt. Kosciuszko, Kiandra to Kosciuszko, and Thredbo to Mt. Kosciuszko.

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