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See What a Strange Adjustment Moving to America Can be If You’re from a Less Developed Country

See What a Strange Adjustment Moving to America Can be If You’re from a Less Developed Country

WOE Media

From this clip, the main thing we can all see is how the life we have always led comes such a big part of us that it can be quite a tough time adjusting. A life that we have always led relates with our culture, society rules, where we live, food and drink we consume, places we go, people we meet, and activities we carry out. It is demonstrated in the video how we get so used to one life that even when we come to a place that may seem better to others; is a total nightmare for us. The refugees from Sudan not only found the food tough to adjust with, but also the people of America as well as other changes such as electricity.

However, with the help of someone who knew their language guiding them they had that feeling of security that someone is there and actually cares for them from their heart. The man was very nice and made them feel welcomed in their own home. He also showed them how things are different in America to Sudan, such as disposing rubbish in the bins and not out of the window. It is quite a tough adjustment to make as it is something new for the Sudanese and we all know how difficult it can be getting used to new life rules.

Moving to another room or living with a relative can be tough even if it is only for one day, but here, the refugees from Sudan have moved countries. The country they have moved from is very much different to America with different rules and regulations. When the boys got told not to walk around in gangs this is a factor that could have deeply hurt them and may even have made them feel isolated. This shows how the Sudanese culture teaches people to get on really well and help each other in times of need. However, as we can see from the video, it is a different situation in America as gangs of people can sometimes be seen as a threat to the public.

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