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A Pool Party Without the Water in Berlin, Germany

A Pool Party Without the Water in Berlin, Germany

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A huge swimming complex in Berlin, Germany named Stadtbad Wedding was built in 1907. It served the public for more than 100 years until it was unfortunately damaged during World War II. After the war, the pool faced a number of reconstructions, but had to finally take a break and be shut down in 2000. It wasn’t actually the end of the pool but rather the start of its transformation. In 2009, it reopened its doors with a new name and made the swimming pools available – without the water.

The Stattbad Wedding is now a cultural complex which is a popular clubbing spot among the locals. Weekend events are always filled and people don’t fail to leave one empty. Other than parties, the two pools are used as venues for art exhibits, screenings, performances, fashion shows, presentations, and for whatever you can throw in the pool. Changing rooms and shower rooms are also open for events.

It might freak you out when you first step inside because you’ll feel it’s still a swimming complex, but who knows? You might be the first one to dance on its tiles.

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