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Leave the Ground and Race Up in the Sky with Paramotoring

Leave the Ground and Race Up in the Sky with Paramotoring

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The sport of paramotoring has been around since the early 90s. The term “paramotor” is used as a generic term for the propulsion part of powered paraglider. The paramotor consists of a frame which fits in the motor, cage, propeller and a harness with an integrated seat. In other words, you can say that these engine powdered paragliders are a cross between a parachute and a microlight. However, that’s not the point. What is more remarkable about these simple crafts is that they can fly at as high as 7,500m and 1,200km without stopping at all.

Parabatix is a team that has brought Sky Racers into picture in order to showcase this sport. To take part in this race, some of the best and expert pilots are chosen from across the world.

The types of races included in the championship were speed race, bonus race, freestyle race and special sky race. A speed race is a timed race, where the pilots follow a defined track around the pylons as quickly as possible. In the bonus race, the pilots have to collect the objects on the ground, which if collected, cuts the time from their track time. In the freestyle race, the pilot is free to choose their track and tactic, which they have to complete in the fastest time. Finally, the special sky race is the one in which special tasks are mixed along with the elements of time and speed.

In 2014, it was Dubai, which hosted the Annual Paramotor Sky Racing Championship. Ten expert paramotor pilots, from America, England, Spain, France, Czech republic and Russia, had come over to Dubai for participating in the race.

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Watch the video and feel the excitement from these sky racers. If you want to know more about the sport and the team, visit Parabatix.

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