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Kayak Tour of Copenhagen

Kayak Tour of Copenhagen

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Looking for a new way to see Copenhagen? Hop on a kayak and discover a different side of the Danish capital with a kayak city tour.

Paddling through the interlocking canals of Christianhavn gives you a fresh perspective of seeing familiar city sights as well as famous landmarks. Starting from the Strandgade harbor, you’ll drift past the Royal Library, the Copenhagen Opera House, Holmen, and many other fascinating sights around the city. Cross impressive bridges such as Knippelsbro from below, sail to the historical Navy warship docks, and even get a chance to play kayak polo in the new Amager Strandpark, Denmark’s largest kayak polo course.

Kayak tours are usually accompanied by a professional tour guide who communicates to the group using a wireless audio headset. Tour operators also offer kayak courses as well as amenities such as cafés and saunas for after-tour relaxation.

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