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12 Reasons Why Your Next Camping Trip Should Be In Antarctica

12 Reasons Why Your Next Camping Trip Should Be In Antarctica

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Venture to “the bottom of the Earth”, to a land of subzero temperatures, blindingly icy terrain, rumbling glaciers, shattering icebergs, and the enigmatic midnight sun. Shun the cold and get ready for an eye-opening adventure. Here are some reasons why camping in Antarctica should be the next thing to cross off on your bucket list.

1. Only a few people has ever camped in Antarctica, including the early explorers who visited hundreds of years ago.

Bragging rights a-plenty.

2. You’ll be sleeping literally under the stars, using nothing but a bivy sac and a cozy thermal sleeping bag.

Unless you want a tent. In that case…

3. Waking up to a flock of penguins peering inside your tent is the best thing ever.

4. The sun looks 10,000x more awesome when it’s shining at midnight.

5. Breakfast happens here, in the comfort of your expedition vessel’s dining lounge.

Eating isn’t allowed onshore, so you do those in the expedition vessel. Facilities ain’t that bad for a camping trip. You’re not allowed to do bathroom business in the island either.

6. But in case of emergency, you get to use one of these.

Yup, out there in the cold.

7. Your new best friend could be a leopard seal.

8. Or a humpback whale.

8. Or one of them.

9. Fantastic-looking icebergs are everywhere.

10. … and so are epic photo opportunities.

11. Oh, the things you find while sailing on a Zodiac.

12. You’ll never look at that obscure white spot at the bottom of your globe the same way again.

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