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How Powerful is Your Passport?

How Powerful is Your Passport?

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For the frequent traveler and the future traveler who daydreams about going around the world as soon as possible, it’s more preferable to visit visa-free countries for it is more convenient and you won’t have to book for visa appointments anymore. Going to a visa-free destination also means less expenses and more chances in filling your passport with your dream stamp collection.

“But for sure US, UK, and other leading countries have the best opportunities in flying without thinking about visa requirements,” you say? Not really. Although it is true US and UK tops the spot of having the most powerful passports, it doesn’t mean that you should be disheartened in following your dream travels. You’d be surprised to know the number of countries you can visit even if your passport isn’t at the top through the Passport Index.

Passport Index is an interactive online tool showing you a collection of all the world’s passports and you can find out how powerful each passport is with a single click. You can arrange passports by country, by its map location, by color and by rank to make it easy for you to find out each passport’s power rank and the number of visa-free countries it can get to. Simple.

Check out the website here.

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