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Fight Zombies in an Abandoned Shopping Mall

Fight Zombies in an Abandoned Shopping Mall

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Deep within your soul, you know you got one thing you fear would happen: what if a zombie apocalypse breaks out?

You might have already built a bomb shelter under your house or an armory of deadly weapons stocked in your garage. Or perhaps you’ve already mastered sniper shooting or played with your chainsaw just in case this nightmare comes—but you really never know what could happen. Good thing there’s a chance for practice.

Fly to Reading, Berkshire to an abandoned shopping mall where you can spend a day fighting fake zombies. A Special Zombie Bashing Police Unit will brief you before the mission, arming you with an airsoft gun and other necessary weapons to fight off the undead. For cautionary purposes, you can’t bring your own weapons. We don’t know if you could use your mean kung fu skills on the zombies either. Nonetheless, it’s still awesome to live out a video game once in a while.

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Unfortunately, the abandoned mall used for this event is due for demolition very soon, so book your tickets while you can!

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