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Feel Like a Real-Life Secret Agent in the International Spy Museum

Feel Like a Real-Life Secret Agent in the International Spy Museum

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You’ll have an idea about the art of spying in fiction books and films that always make you hold your breath and let your hands grip tight on your seat with the suspense and mind-boggling scenes that test your intelligence. What makes it more entertaining is the action and countless gadgets that make you want to have one on-hand too in real life. However, spies aren’t just fictional characters, but real people and so as their advanced tools that make accomplishing missions easier. A living proof you can visit to know more about the secret agent life is the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, USA.

About the Spy Museum

Opened on July 19, 2002 with its founder Milton Maltz, the International Spy Museum stands as the only public museum in the USA to feature and educate about the invisible yet existing profession of spying. The museum lets you scan through history about how espionage has affected the past and the present, the people behind them, and the creation of artifacts that accompanied the world famous spies during their secret missions. If you want to go through the depths of some of the most remarkable world events, this is your place where you can get accurate and interesting information.

What to see around the Spy Museum

  • Covers & Legends

In this exhibit, visitors will learn about how and why a spy gets a cover identity. There’s the Briefing Film where one can learn more about the tough profession.

  • School for Spies

Here’s the place where you can test the spy in you with more than 200 handy spy tools, from weapons to vehicles, displayed and equipped with more espionage stories.

  • The Secret History of History

Know more about the men and women who worked as spies under the great leaders from around the world.

  • From Ballroom to Battlefield

The gallery was added as a highlight to the role of espionage during the civil war with the top secret Union and Confederacy stories.

  • Spies Among Us

This gallery shows history’s top secrets that helped the USA during the war. Visitors can also get their code-breaking skills tested here.

  • Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains

So this one isn’t a real-life story, but a part of film’s history!  There’s no other spy you can think of first but Bond, James Bond. However, the gallery isn’t focusing the spotlight on our favorite spy 007, but on the evilest villains in his life. Find out about what made the world of Bond become closely related with real history.

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  • The 21st Century

What’s the 21st century’s ultimate creation that helps connect the people around the world and at the same time can destroy world order and security? That’s the internet. Know more about the spying in cyberspace and what can cyber attacks do, all from the top experts.

Besides these exhibits, you can also check out the museum’s interactive spy experience that can make you live like a spy even for an hour.

Other information

  • Spy Museum Address

The International Spy Museum is located at 800F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004, USA. It is located within the Pennsylvania Quarter neighborhood. To get to the museum by metro, get off at the Gallery Place/Chinatown station (through red, yellow, and green lines) or the Metro Center station (through orange, blue, and red lines).

  • Spy Museum Tickets

Ticket prices start at 14.95USD. If you want to buy tickets online, click here.

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