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Drunken Russian Policeman Is Disarmed By Car Driver

Drunken Russian Policeman Is Disarmed By Car Driver

WOE Media

From what we can see from the video is a cop at the beginning in a very drunk state. This causes him to roll around on the icy road, which as a result blocks the way for a driver driving past. It is a horror to see someone in this position lying on the road and because it is a cop, it is a hundred times worse as this is the authority many people look up to as a form of role models. What we don’t know how the cop got drunk, it could be he did this on purpose or he was made to drink or maybe had a drink that had been tampered with.

Regardless, of how he got drunk, a driver is then shown driving in the direction of the policeman. We hear the driver talking – possibly tell him to move out of the way so he can carry on driving. Unfortunately, the cop does not comply and stays put in the center of the road. Due to this, the driver comes out of his vehicle and moves the cop to one side. This can be seen as something the majority would do, but it doesn’t really allow the driver to get really far. Once the driver begins to drive again, the cop gets back up and lands in the same position as before. After seeing this, the driver keeps driving – hopefully thinking the cop will move.

The cop still does not move, which causes anger amongst the driver – which is acceptable. The driver comes back out of his vehicle where the cop attacks him. The driver guards himself and fights back, until the cop pulls out a gun. Eventually, the driver takes the gun off the cop and his friend also comes out of the vehicle – up on seeing the gun. A little bit of violence occurs between the cop and driver, which are actually necessary. It can be seen the driver is searching the cop for any other weapons he may have on him. This is a good thing the driver did as the situation that just occurred with him could have also occurred with another driver. The cop is left on the side and the driver and his friend leave in their vehicle – hopefully going to report to the police station!

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