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Drive a Real Tank

Drive a Real Tank

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In Minnesota, an adventure company can bring your wildest G.I. Joe dreams to life by putting you at the helm of a behemoth military tank that can destroy anything that crosses its path.

Aptly called Drive A Tank, this Kasota-based group lets anyone willing to pay a hefty price, well, drive a tank. From an FV432 armored personnel carrier, an FV433 Abbot self-propelled Gun, an FV43x armored vehicle, to an FV 4201 Chieftain, customers can choose the tank of their fancy to take on a car-crushing, machine gun-shooting, adventure-filled day.

The star of the garage is the colossal tank FV 4201 Chieftain, which according to the owner is the “most badass tank the world has ever seen.” The Chieftain was the major battle tank used in the United Kingdom in the 60’s and 70’s, with only 90 units left in the whole world. Weighing 60 tons and fitted with a 22-ft barrel, this mammoth tank is capable of pulverizing a car.

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Drive a Tank aims to bring to the public an awareness of what goes on in the military. Besides driving a tank, visitors are also given an educational talk on the history of tanks and a crash course of driving them safely, depending on the day tour package availed. The more popular packages of course include car-crushing and machine gun-shooting.

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