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Don’t Want To Be A Zombie’s Next Meal? Join The Zombie Survival Course

Don’t Want To Be A Zombie’s Next Meal? Join The Zombie Survival Course

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As Zombie movies and series fill the screens, many people are wondering if there could really be a possibility of a zombie apocalypse. Some think that this idea is crazy and that zombies will always remain fictional character. However, a lot of people in the U.S. alone believe that it would not hurt to be ready for such catastrophe. Last autumn, around 65,000 citizens signed up for the “The Walking Dead” online course offered by the University of California,. The course discussed several scientific topics that could be seen on the series, such as the spread of diseases and how to manage stress during calamities. As further evidence of zombie culture going mainstream, in 2011, the Centers for Disease Control launched a “Zombie Preparedness Campaign”.

While apocalypse training may seem ridiculous for some, to many zombie enthusiasts , enrolling in a zombie apocalypse survival course is a no-brainer.  In reality, zombie survival training isn’t as impractical as you may think as it could prepare you from other calamities such as terrorist attacks or hurricanes. After all, and zombie enthusiast  will tell you that if you are prepared for zombies, then you are prepared for anything.

For the weekend courses, the training starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. Each session can accommodate up to 15 participants, who are 21 years old and above. The package includes trainings, lessons, and meals. These classes will teach you comprehensive techniques for survival.

For the less committed, the day classes last from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Saturdays or Sundays. The day classes are for adults, but children who are 15 and above can also attend if they are accompanied by a guardian. These classes highlight the most important trainings on supplies, basic firearms, and crossbow shooting.

In the camp, you will learn everything you need in order to survive a zombie and other disasters. Aside from being taught to use firearms like a shotgun, handgun, and rifle, you will also be trained in melee weapons and self-defense.

The course also teaches how to find safe shelter. If none can be found, they will teach you how to create one. You will also learn how to gather, prepare, and store food and other supplies.

As part of the course, you will also learn to protect a group of people. This training aims to help develop leadership skills and lead teams.

These skills and more will be learned in the camp. As you can see, enrolling in a zombie apocalypse survival course is a practical idea. Even if you do not believe in zombies, the skills you will learn here will help you prepare for any tough situation.

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