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Crop Circle Tour in Wiltshire, England

Crop Circle Tour in Wiltshire, England

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Something weird happens in the West Country of England every summer each year. More than 50 mysterious large-scale pictograms are found carved in random crop fields within a 10-mile radius of the legendary Stonehenge at Avebury, Wiltshire. More than 10,000 accounts of this strange phenomenon were reported and even documented in academic texts since the 17th century, but until now no one can really explain who created them and why.

Whatever they are, you can easily check them out by joining one of the many crop circle tours of Wiltshire, the so-called UFO capital of Britain. There are bus tours, mystical or spiritual tours, and the popular helicopter tours, which provide you with the best view of the crop circles from above and can even let you discover newly formed ones.

Join experienced crop circle researchers and experts as they bring you around the mysterious English countryside and try to explain the reason behind these mind-boggling occurrences. Most scientists today believe that crop circles are man-made, backed by the existence of art groups who were recently arrested for trespassing private farm fields and creating enigmatic patterns by flattening the wheat. But the mystery lives on as these crop circle artists attest of paranormal experiences while in the field.

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If you think you have what it takes to demystify this strange phenomenon, the doors of Wiltshire, England will always be open for you.

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